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Cleaning up lifes messes – My Favourite room.

It may surprise you that my favorite room in my house is the laundry room. It sits right off our kitchen on the main level of the house, and it’s where our crazy little life gets organized. Custom built by my husband when my oldest was one year old, we realized that we needed a place to unload and clean up the messes of life.

With two adventurous and messy young boys, this momma needs organization! And my laundry room gives me just that!

When the room was being remodeled, I really wanted to focus on storage. With counter space to fold, and laundry sorters to organize all the clothes…this laundry room has a space for everything! Adding elements like the bar to hang shirts and other delicate items, to a MUST HAVE comfy squishy floor mat. I particularly love the sink. It’s beyond helpful for washing mud off of shoes and boots.. and all of life’s other messes (dirt, blood and sometimes even vomit). The picture of the boys is a great addition to the room, it makes me smile every time I look at it!


With winter right around the corner again (come back summer!) , the benches have been great for the boys to help them bundle up! And the hooks above are good for hats, gloves and coats to dry out after a day out in the cold weather! The tall cabinets hold everything from pantry items to off seasonal items, and the cubby holes below hold all our footwear. The backpack rack is a great because it’s at their level and it’s hidden behind the door along with the white board with coupons and important notes.

Thanks for letting me showing you my favorite room!


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