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Child Safety & Protection Month

Every child deserves to grow up feeling safe and loved.

November 1st not only is the beginning of a brand new month, but it marks the start of Child Safety and Protection Month. According the National Safety Council, “The job of protecting kids most often falls to parents and caregivers, and it is up to them to familiarize themselves with safety risks in and around their homes and communities. Once you know the risks, you can take steps to plan for safety.”

Most of this just comes naturally to parents – I mean we’ve probably all had the “don’t talk to or go home with strangers” talk with our kids. This week and last week, in the classroom we have been focusing on bus safety. All our students are bussed into school so it is important that not only do they know how to ride a bus, but how to stand and wait for the bus on the sidewalk or side of the road. We talk about the “danger zone” of the bus and how you need to stay out of it. Do your children ride a bus? How many kids know of the “danger zones” of the car in your driveway?? (aka. Blind spots of your car?) After all, not everyone has a backup camera.

Fire safety, car safety, water safety, bike safety, stranger danger – these are all very big terms that get thrown around when it comes to ensuring that our children are safe. This weekend is a great opportunity for you to review your safety routines with your child. Talk to them about how they can ensure their own safety, as well as the safety of other kids around them. After all, ALL children deserve to feel safe!

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