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Let’s Wrap Up 2018!!

This week we wrap up the year 2018 and prepare to begin a brand new year, 2019. Every New Year’s Eve we traditionally look back on our year and think about the amazing things that have happened to us.

But as we begin a brand new year, it’s time to set goals and make our resolutions. For those who are unfamiliar with resolutions, “A New Year’s resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life.” Realistically, many of the resolutions that we make don’t last long. In my experience, the ones that don’t last are the ones that look to change a part of yourself, so rather than look to change something about myself I try to set goals on things that I want to work to achieve. When we get back to school, I will have each one of my students think about what they want to accomplish during the new year. They will then create a poster, or something that can go on a wall or their fridge, to remind them of what they are working towards. Try it with your kids this weekend, what are they thankful for? What awesome things happened this year?? What do they want to accomplish during 2019?

Resolutions for kids:
Instead of: “I’m going to eat healthier.”Suggest: “I’m going to drink two glasses of milk each day instead of soda or juice.” Or, “I’m going to eat two pieces of fruit at lunch each day.”
Instead of: “I’m going to exercise more.”Suggest: “I’m going to join a soccer team.” Or, “I’m going to go to yoga class with Mom on Saturdays.”
Instead of: “We’re going to cut down on screen time.”Suggest: “We’re going to read for 30 minutes before bed instead of watching TV.”
Instead of: “I’m going to help out around the house.”Suggest: “I’m going to set the table for dinner every night.” Or, “I’m going to help clean my bedroom once a week.”
Instead of: “I’m going to be nicer to people.”Suggest: “I’m going to do one random act of kindness a week.” Or, “I’m going to talk to one person at school I’ve never met each week.”
Instead of: “We’re going to be more eco-friendly.”Suggest: “We’re going to start a recycling program at home.” Or, “we’re going to shorten our showers to only five minutes to conserve water.”
Instead of: “I’m going to learn something new.”Suggest: “I’m going to learn how to make chocolate chip cookies.” Or, “I will learn how to sing.”
Instead of: “We’re going to spend more quality time together.”Suggest: “We’re going to have game night every Friday.” Or, “we’re going to eat breakfast together on Sunday mornings after church.”


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