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Joy is my word for 2019.

As part of their New Year’s resolutions, people this year seem to be selecting a word to focus on. Many of the ones that I have seen around are character traits, things such as kindness, obedience, listen, gratitude, etc. I chose gratitude because I want to remember to be thankful for everything that I encounter in my life. 2018 has had its ups and downs (like anyone’s life), and as I begin a brand new year I am excited to see what is coming in the 2019. While I know I am going to face tough situations throughout the year, I also know that I am going to experience many events filled with joy.

What is your word? What is your child’s word? What about a word or focus for your family in 2019. Download the printable, one for yourself, one for the kids or why not one for everyone in the family. Take a moment and consider, Why did you choose this word? What steps are you going to take as you strive to accomplish this goal?

All the best in 2019 to you and your family from the Curiosity Box family.

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