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Heart Shaped Challenge!

This past week we have been celebrating those around us, and demonstrating our love for one another. This weekend, however, I have a challenge for you. Print out the attached page, possibly onto brightly coloured card stalk. Carefully cut out all 20 of the congruent triangles and prepare your workspace.

Your challenge is to create a heart out of ALL 20 triangles.

Here are some key words to discuss with your child(ren) while they are working through this challenge, and YES! It can be done (I’ve created an answer sheet for you).

Congruent – shapes that are the same size
Rotate – turning a shape around a fixed center point (like a corner).
Reflection – flipping the shape over a line of symmetry.
Translation – sliding a shape up and down, or side to side, to move it to another spot.

Here are some ways you can modify it for your children based on their age or skill level:

  1. Give your child only the triangles (page 1) and the open-ended challenge. Review the key words to get their brain thinking.
  2. Print out the outline of the heart (page 2) and provide it to your child and allow them to use their triangles to fill in the space.
  3. Print out the answer sheet (page 3) and allow your child to practice placing the pieces, that you have pre-cut, onto the various triangles.

Finished already? What other shapes and images can you create using all 20 of the triangles?


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