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Strawberry Season Is Starting!

In our area, strawberry season is starting! These sweet tasting berries are super delicious, especially when you dip them in a little sugar. Last year, I took my niece (then 5 years old) to a local berry patch where we spent an hour picking strawberries. She may have eaten a few by the time we left, but really who doesn’t? Best part of the day? Her dad had dressed her in white shorts. Yup … you guessed it … when we were done, she had red spots all over her bottom half, looked like a red and white dalmation. Lesson learned – check what she is wearing before we go.

But when we got the strawberries home, washed them, and began cutting them up, we began to think about all the different things we were going to make with them. Jam, pie, cake, cookies, doughnuts … her list went on to all her favourite foods. And really, there is so much that you can make with strawberries if you want.

This weekend, find a local berry patch near you and spend some time picking local strawberries. Work together to fill baskets, wash them and then figure out what you want to make with them. Why not try making something brand new?

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