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“A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love”
~ Author Unknown

This weekend is all about those male-type figures in your life. At my place we remember our dad’s with a BBQ in the backyard (my husband, and a soon-to-be dad himself, even hand makes the patties) and home-made ice cream sandwiches. Honestly, it’s a pretty chill kind of weekend.

How do you celebrate those important male figures in your life? Here are some ideas for you to create this weekend in honour of them:

  • Decorate a popsicle stick picture frame with puzzle pieces (probably from a puzzle you no longer use) and write “I love you to pieces” on it.
  • “Dad Rocks” painted rocks
  • Draw a picture of a lion with the caption “I’m not lion, you are the best”
  • Draw your dad as a super hero. What is his super power?
  • Make your dad a tie. On the back tell him why you love him so that every time he wears it he is reminded of you and why you think he is the best.
  • Grab some cheap ceramic tiles or cork board and some permanent markers to create coasters for him to have at work.

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