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Let’s Go On A Scavenger Hunt!

Weekends are for family, at least in my house they are (every one is different). My husband and I take the weekend to just spend time with each other. We are so busy throughout the remainder of the week, that this often feels like the only time we can spend together. And this weekend, we have our brand new little bundle to spend the weekend with. One of our favourite things that we enjoy doing on the weekend is going for trail rides on our bikes, or hikes on the paths in our local community.


As you get out on the trails in your area this weekend, here is a scavenger hunt to keep your kids active and constantly on the lookout for something. I wonder what new and exciting things they may find along the way?

One of my friends recently took her kids out on a picnic and hike through the woods. They decided that they were going to look for signs of bears (no, bears are not very common around us). Her entire family had a blast playing in the woods, lifting fallen logs, and just imagining that they were going on a bear hunt. Why not engage your child’s imagination as you walk and go on an imaginary search for an animal.

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