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Yay it’s summer!!

Sidewalk chalk is a great way to get outside and enjoy some time together with your friends and family. It allows you to get creative and to get active all at the same time, after all, who doesn’t like creating giant pictures.

Here are some ideas to do with sidewalk chalk this weekend:

  • Create a sensory path maze by drawing a line that twists and turns, that builds in hops and toe touches
  • Create a giant board game to play together as a family – think chutes and ladders but in hopscotch style. Have the tiles twist and turn so that you can join a couple with ladders and slides.
  • Build a city for your cars and trucks to drive through. Don’t forget the buildings, the restaurants, and the houses.
  • Trace each other’s shadows and create a shadow story
  • Write encouraging messages to those who are walking down the sidewalk.
  • Set up a photo shoot with some fun chalk drawings. For example, draw yourself some angel wings and lie down in the middle while someone gets a picture looking down from above. What about you hanging from a bunch of balloons as you soar through the sky?
  • Create a grid filled with all the letters of the alphabet and practice spelling different words. Why not make this into a hangman game where you have to jump onto the letter rather than speak it.
  • Can’t forget your traditional hopscotch game. Teach your child(ren) how to play. (In my experience, this has become a game that not many kids know how to play).

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