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Back to School is honestly one of my favourite times of the year!

Back to School is honestly one of my favourite times of the year! I LOVE going to stores to wander around and check out all the back to school supplies. Maybe that’s just the teacher in me, but there’s just something to be said about seeing all the shiny supplies, the unbroken crayons and the markers or glue sticks with the lids on properly.

If you haven’t started back already, you’ve probably got the list of school supplies that you need to get for your child’s return to school. Realistically though, not everyone enjoys back to school shopping as much as me (my husband just cringes when I tell him I’m going shopping for school supplies). So here’s a few suggestions on how to make it a little more enjoyable, hopefully, on everyone involved.

  • Get official – I mean what child does not enjoy working on a clipboard and keeping track of what they have already found.
  • Dress up – sure, fancy dresses are good, but what about their favourite dress up clothes?
  • Make a family day of it – Talk it up the day before. Check out websites together to see what they may have. Then hit up your local mall, walmart, or favourite school supplies store together. Go out for lunch afterwards (or before), and talk about what they hope they will learn during the upcoming school year. Show off your new supplies to any family members that couldn’t come, or visit grandparents – they’ll love the company and hopefully enjoy seeing all the new supplies as well.
  • Make your priorities known ahead of time – already have pencils and markers from last year that are still in good shape, well maybe cross those off the list. Does everyone need new shoes? Allow some other things to slide then.
  • Listen to your kids. If they say that they don’t like something, then don’t waste your time trying to convince them of how cute it is – you’ll probably end up with things that are never used or worn.
  • Buy extra supplies. Honestly, it’s a lot of fun going shopping to get brand new things for the school year and why not use this opportunity to give back to others at the same time. Have your child pick out a few extra supplies to donate to a back to school drive for kids who can’t complete their lists. Maybe buy a couple extra items for the classroom – many teachers spend their own funds to provide for their classroom, and would appreciate the thought of you just helping them out.

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