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Back To School!

Well this weekend typically marks the end of summer. Historically, this day was a day meant to celebrate, honour, and continue the campaign for worker’s rights. This was typically done through parades and picnics that were organized by various trade unions. Today, I find that it has more become a weekend to get in your last dose of camping before a new school year begins, and students head back to their “real” life and resume their routines.

With the new school year there are a lot of “firsts” that are happening, especially the first day of school. Why not take a minute and print out the applicable “first day of …” paper and have your child colour it. Before the school bus picks them up, or you jump in the car to head off to drop them off at their locations, take a minute to snap some pictures for your photo album and mark this moment in their lives.

This weekend, I also want to encourage you to find family time together and hang out. Life is about to get busy again (not that it slowed down during the summer) as students return to school, homework and expectations grow. This weekend is a time for family, so here are some ideas for some family outings:
Take a family hike or bike ride down the local trails in your area.
Go for a picnic in the park. Then spend some time playing together on the equipment.

Go camping! This doesn’t have to be at a campground, borrow and pitch a tent in your backyard.
Hit up the beach one last time and build the biggest sandcastle you have ever seen!



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