Balloon Fight!!!!

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We are all very familiar with water balloon fights. The joy, the competition, the challenge to catch your friends off guard and drench them with a good splash … oh the fun! What about water pistol fights?! We did this at the end of the year with my students – we all walked away drenched (thankfully I had the foresight to wait until the end of the day)! But it was so much fun that it was worth it! If I’m being honest, however, water balloons are too time consuming to fill (and not exactly environmentally friendly) and sometimes the water pistols can be annoying to fill. But this should not stop you from playing water games!

Instead of buying a ton of water balloons or water pistols (you may never use again), all you really need is a bucket full of water and some sponges. I’m talking about those big and thick ones you see people using to wash their cars with. Play with these instead.

Here are some games to try (depending on your participants, and number of sponges available):

  • Catch
  • Water dodgeball
  • Water tag (get hit with the sponge and you’re it!)
  • Duck Duck Splash! (Play like regular Duck Duck Goose, but this time when you pick the person you want to race against you have to squeeze the sponge on top of their head)
  • All

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