Jumping Spider Game

If you’re looking for a fun way to teach some fine and gross motor skills, counting skills and turn taking skills…this fun and interactive Halloween game is perfect!

The best Mompreneurs in the country- Calgary

Curisoity Box was featured on Breakfast Televtion Calgary as a feature episode focusing on Mompreneurs in Canada. Click the video link below to learn more. Click on this Video

Curiosity Box Wins, Parent Tested Parent Approved Award

Curiosity Boxes were tested and approved! Our Single Curiosity Boxes are conveniently packaged, themed and delivered right to your door! Each Single Curiosity Box has 3 crafts, 1 activity, embellishments, all the adhesives required and a Curiosity Card with instructions, other activities, fun facts and more. You choose your child’s favourite theme and it will […]

Crazy for kids and crafts

Cassie Krygsman’s sons love to do crafts, but as a busy working mom finding time to gather all the materials and sit down to do projects together was difficult. Her solution: start a business, called Curiosity Box, that supplies a box containing all the materials that children between the ages of three and seven need […]

Curiosity Box: London startup hatches golden egg with Kinder

Curiosity Box partners with Kinder Canada! Plenty of people start their own business, and all of them dream about getting noticed. But one London startup has scored a major hit by linking up with a household name. Kinder Canada, this country’s arm of the international toy-in-a-chocolate-egg sensation, has partnered with Curiosity Box, a Forest City […]

Curiosity box a big hit

London Free Press features Cassie Krygsman, owner of Curiosity Box. Kids always love a box full of surprises. That’s what you get from Curiosity Box (curiositybox.ca), a new company founded in April by “mompreneur” Cassie Krygsman. Curiousity Box assembles and ships children’s craft and activity boxes with themes such as On the Farm, Explore Space […]

Gift Ideas for Kids With Too Many Toys

Curisoity Box featured in Help, We’ve Got Kids. If you’ve got Too Many Toys Syndrome, you’re not alone. Somehow they just seem to pile up. Yet, when birthdays and holidays come around, family members and friends need suggestions of gifts for the kids. What to buy for the kid who simply doesn’t need more toys? […]