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Backyard Bubble Snakes

Backyard snake bubbles is a quick, relatively mess free and fun activity for your backyard. And let’s face it, kids
could always use a bit more soap in their lives.

Supplies Needed for Backyard Bubble Snakes:

  • Socks
  • Scissors or knife
  • Dish soap (any brand will work)
  • Disposable water bottle
  • Large container
  • Water

Step #1:
Remove the lid of the water bottle. Get an adult to cut off the entire bottom of the water bottle.


Step #2: Pull the sock over the water bottle all the way to the top. 


Step #3: Fold back the sock to secure it in place.


Step #4: Liberally add soap to large bucket start with a few good squirts, you can always add more.


Step #5: Place the sock end of the ‘bottle’ into the bucket and swoosh around for roughly 30 seconds. 


Step #6: Have child blow into the top of the bottle and watch the magic happen! 


Pro Tip: Add food colouring to the water for even more fun and awesome colourful bubbly snakes!

Note: This may stain the socks.

The crew who completed this task had the following things to say: 

“WOW look how fast the bubbles started!”
“Oh wow, the wind pulled the bubbles off the sock, look, we have bubbles everywhere.”

When asked to clean up and dispose of the materials, one participant said: “This was fun, I want
to keep the materials to do this again!” 

Always fun when the activity is a crowd pleaser! Create backyard bubble snakes with your little ones this weekend using only: socks, water and dish soap, a water bottle and container, scissors and some fun creativity!

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