Hooray March Break!

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Well, I don’t know about you, but we have officially begun our March/Spring Break! I can’t wait to just find some time to relax, put up my feet, and enjoy doing nothing. Realistically though, I will not get the chance to do nothing – I get the opportunity to babysit my niece for a few days during break and I couldn’t be more excited … then I started thinking …

What am I going to do with her????

Sure, I’m a teacher and spend all day with 22 amazing students, but this is different. I mean, I don’t have to teach her at all (although we are going to be working on bumping up her math grade). I don’t know if any of you are in the same situation as I am, but here are 10 great ideas that you can do with your family, and maybe some friends, over your break – no need to “break the bank”.

  • Turn your living room into a giant fort using pillows and blankets. Eat lunch in your awesome fort (who knows, maybe you can even have a slumber party in there)
  • Break out some board games! What can you do with a deck of cards?
  • Grab a brand new movie from your local public library and have a family movie night! Do you have some favourite snacks in the cupboard?
  • Bundle up (it’s cold where I live right now) and head out to a trail for a hike! Check out the beauty of a winter wonderland. Can you see any signs of spring yet? It’s right around the corner.
  • Bring tea or coffee to your grandparents and just talk with them! They’ll love that you came to sit with them!
  • Invite a friend over for a playdate – let them choose all the games that you get to play and what toys you play with.
  • Bake something you’ve never tried before. Maybe a new cookie recipe you found online with your parent.
  • While at the library, spend some time reading new books. Maybe you can find a good one to share with a new friend. (Teacher’s always love to hear about good new books too!)
  • Write a letter to someone and send it in the mail! Don’t forget to add some awesome pictures inside the card (maybe of spring)
  • Write and direct a play. Have your siblings and friends write and act it out with you
  • All

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