Our Favourite Summertime Drinks!

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Food | 0 comments

Well, I don’t know about you, but where I live it has been a HOT summer so far. I mean we’re talking like 30 plus degree celsius temperatures here! It’s summers like these that I am very thankful for our air conditioner and miss the fact that we don’t have a pool. As an adult, I don’t necessarily want to run through the sprinkler, although in all honesty I’ve done that just to cool down, like I did when I was a kid. I’ve been trying to find other ways to stay cool this year. One of which is by enjoying a cool refreshing drink while relaxing under our tree. 

For this post, I’m going to keep it “sweet” and simple. Here are a couple of my favourite summertime drinks to enjoy outside that anyone can make and enjoy. 

Banana Milkshake

In a blender, blend together a generous scoop of yogurt, a peeled banana and a splash of milk. Blend until smooth and pour in a nice tall glass. Want a chocolate banana shake? Use chocolate milk instead of white milk when mixing.  

Root Beer Float

Did you know that August 6 is National Root Beer Float Day? While that day has come and gone, you can still mix one of these summer time drinks up. Place a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream in a glass. Slowly and carefully, pour in the root beer (or other soda) and add a straw. I also like to use a spoon to eat this as sometimes it doesn’t like to go through the straw. Want to spice up your sugar rush? Create the Ultimate Root Beer Float!

Ultimate Summer Root Beer Float

In a tall glass, place one scoop chocolate ice cream, one scoop vanilla ice cream. Slowly pour your root beer on top of the drinks. (Optional: add a pinch of sea salt to your glass before you add the root beer.) Place a melted marshmallow on top (I melt them in the microwave for a couple of seconds). Drizzle with melted chocolate chips or chocolate syrup. Relax and enjoy this super sweet sunshine treat. 

If Root Beer Floats are just not your thing, then why not celebrate National Ice Cream Soda Day (June 20). Yes, that date has passed as well, but it’s better late than never. Right? 

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