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Bouncing Egg Experiment

This was one of our favourite science experiments! Our boys loved anticipating and waiting and observing…they sure do make great little scientists! If you want to amaze your kids and teach them a little science and have some fun, then this science experiment is for you!

**WARNING: This experiment does take a few days to get results…if you prefer for your child to see the end result without waiting that many days, show them the experiment only on the 4th day.


Here’s what you will need:

  • Two eggs
  • Two glass glasses
  • Vinegar
  • A flashlight

First, place two eggs fully submerged in vinegar into separate glasses. The fun part of this process is comparing the two and watching to see what happens! Leave the eggs in the glasses for 3-4 days until the egg shells have completely dissolved. Have your kids tell you each day what they see and report what is happening to the egg each day.  


On day 4, carefully remove the eggs from the cup with a spoon.  Note that there is no shell left, but a waxy looking coating on your egg.  Get your kids to squeeze it carefully, and then drop it on the counter from about 2″ high. Watch it bounce!! If you are looking to try an experiment with your egg, take it outside and do an egg drop where you increase the height by about 1″ each time to see how high you can drop the egg from before it breaks…warning, this does get messy but it’s so fun!!


The other thing our boys thought was SO cool was going into a dark room with a flashlight and shining the light behind the egg…being able to see the yolk inside and see how the egg was transparent was one of their favourite parts! SO fun!!


Good luck, have fun and enjoy with your little scientists!

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