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Build the Ultimate Water Balloon Catapult

With COVID restrictions still in place in a large part of the world, people are looking more and more to things that they can do around the home or in their community. (Check out our boxes if you need some “in the home” activities.) On these hot summer days, I totally challenge you to have a family balloon fight – but not just any ordinary one – one using forts and catapults. We’re talking about going all out! 

Here’s what you need to do: break the family into 2 teams and each team needs to build a fort on their side of the property (whether it is your backyard or your balcony), just something to help protect themselves from incoming bombs. Then give each team the same materials, and the same amount of time (you can always add time if needed providing each team agrees to it). The challenge is simply this: 

Working with the members of your team, design and build a catapult or slingshot that will allow you to “fire” your water balloons at the opposing team.

Recommended materials to use: 

Popsicle sticks


Rubber bands

A plastic container

Here are some things to think about while your are working to design your catapult. 

  • How will it stand up? 
  • How will you ensure that it is strong enough that it won’t break when wet (just incase the opposing team hits it with their water balloons)
  • How will you ensure that it doesn’t fall over or snap in half when you pull back on the machine in order to release the water balloons. 
  • How will you keep the balloon from popping on your catapult while you try to fire it into the air? 

Once both teams have created their ultimate catapult and are ready to go, all you need now is to fill the water balloons, distribute them equally between the two teams and prepare your battle cry! 

Want to make the fight a little easier? Make yourself some reusable water balloons and provide each team with a bucket of water to reload their ammo with. All you need are some sponges cut into strips then tied tightly together in the center. Spread the strips and twist them to make them look like exploding fireworks. Quick and easy reusable water bombs, all you need to do is load them with water. Enjoy the family time together this summer!

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