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Superhero Puppet Craft

markers on curiosity box's printed activity

April 28th is recognized as National Superhero Day! Created by our friends at Marvel, this day was created to celebrate everyone’s favourite superhero. The superheros, who serve & protect the world as they fight evil! Do you have a favourite superhero? Is it Batman, Spiderman or Wonder Woman? Maybe you would prefer to have a […]

Recycled Egg Carton Flower Craft

blue and red recycled egg carton flowers craft

Here is a fun idea! In honour of Earth day, we are creating a recycled egg carton flower. Dig into that recycling bin and pull out that old egg carton, let’s create something and recycle it later 😉 Materials you will need: Egg carton Paint brushes Paper straws Glue Paint Cut the lid of the […]

Unicorn Bookmark Craft

coloured paper unicorn bookmarks

National Unicorn Day was on April 9, it’s a day to celebrate the most popular mythical creature ever! They often make appearances on birthday cakes and our children’s clothing, and let’s be honest quite a lot of us adults still dig them too. National Unicorn Day is your chance to express some unicorn love, join […]

Tissue Paper Bunny Craft

color tissue paper bunny craft

Easter is such a fun holiday, don’t you agree? Easter is about celebrating with family and friends, eating treats, bright colours and so much more. Everyone has their own traditions around Easter time, what are your traditions? Maybe it’s decorating Easter eggs or going on a Easter egg hunt. How about you continue the fun […]

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich!

paper peanut butter and jelly sandwich

What did the jelly say to the peanut butter? Stick with me and we’ll go places! We can’t help being silly on this National Peanut Butter and Jelly day! Join us in creating your very own school safe PB&J sandwich. Grab your scissors, markers, glue stick and anything else you may have around the house and start […]

Shamrock Suncatcher Craft

Did you know that people have said that the shamrock means hope, faith, love and luck. Did you also know that the national flower of Ireland is a shamrock. Have you ever thought of making your own shamrock out of tissue paper?? Maybe that didn’t sound very interesting just a craft out of tissue paper. […]

BEE Kind Craft

kid cutting a piece of card board using scissors

  What you will need: Yellow and black construction paper Glue Scissors Marker   Step 1: First cut out a small circle, bigger circle, and 2 wings for the bee. Cut these shapes out using black construction paper, which is the base of the bee. Step 2: Next, glue all the pieces you cut out […]

DIY Sand Art

small glass container filled with yellow, red, and blue sand

You may not be able to pack your bags and head south, but you can take some time to enjoy the kids and create this fun sand art. I don’t know about you, but my kids love making “pixie dust” with chalk during those warm summer days. Where they rub a piece of chalk down […]

DIY Snowman Clothespin Craft

kid touching noses with snowman

It’s cold out! Why not stay warm inside and get crafty! Let’s build a snowman, but not the kind where you have to layer the kids in their winter clothes to stay warm from the blowing snow.  Try this DIY snowman clothespin craft, you will find that older kids will be able to do this […]

‘Handy’ Gratitude Wreath

Supplies Construction paper, Red and Green Scissors  Coloured pencils or markers  Step 1:Help your kid lay their hand down flat on a piece of construction paper and trace around it. Make sure their fingers are spread apart!  Then have them cut out a set of twelve hands (one for each month of the year). Or […]

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