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Create a Bug Catcher

Bug hunting was one of my favourite things to do when I was growing up. My cousins and I would all head out to the park while we were at the campground and show each other the fascinating bugs and worms that we would find. As we grew, we started catching frogs and toads, one time we even caught a garter snake (not my favourite memory to be honest). For me, I think it was the time spent together (and creeping out our parents with our amazing finds) that I enjoyed the most. 

Today, I really don’t understand too much about the fascination with bugs. To me, they are more of a nuisance than anything else. However, then I remind myself about my student’s thought process. To them, everything is new and exciting. It is even more so when you can get up close and personal to discover and explore just a little more closely. Seriously! Magnifying glasses are the best at this age because you can see teeny tiny details that your plain eye just doesn’t let you see. Really, when was the last time you got up close and “personal” with something so ordinary as a fly. The details on their wings, eyes and body is truly a sight to behold … before you squish them or release them. 

As I think back to recess times at school, this was also a favourite activity that held the attention of many children, especially after a rainfall. Apparently it is great to watch your teacher squirm when you show them the longest worm that you could find. 

So here’s my challenge to you this weekend, hopefully, before the bugs all disappear for the season. 

Create a device that will catch and hold a butterfly (or other bug), without harming it

The only materials you are allowed to use are:

  • Things that you find outside in nature
  • String
  • Tape or glue

Feel free to use the planning sheet to help you focus your thoughts and plan for what you will do. I can’t wait to see what you have created, and some of the fun bugs that you are able to find. Be sure to share them with us on Instagram and Facebook. Have fun and good luck!

Click the photo below to download the planning sheet 


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