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DIY Easter Symbol Bunny

Easter is such a fun holiday, don’t you agree? Easter is about celebrating good news, treats, spending time with family and friends, bright colours and so much more. Everyone has their own traditions around Easter time, what are your traditions?

This is a fun craft to help express what Easter means to you. Using your materials, you’re going to create a bunny! After you finish your bunny you’re going to decorate it by drawing symbols of what Easter means to you. Me and my family always did Easter egg hunts, so on my bunny I drew a basket full of easter eggs and more. Grab the kids and let’s get started!

Here are the materials you’ll need.

-Paper plate
-Google eyes
-3 Pipe cleaners
-Markers or crayons
-Pom pom
-White and pink paper

First start off by drawing bunny ears on your paper. You need 2 large pink ears and 2 white ones. Finish off by cutting them out.

Next, glue the white ears on top of the pink ears. Then glue the ears to the top of your plate.

After the ears are on the plate, glue on 2 googly eyes on the plate. Put on the bunny whiskers, glue 3 pipe cleaners in the middle of the plate. Lastly, glue the pom pom in the middle of the pipe cleaners as the bunny’s nose.

Lastly, grab your markers or crayons and decorate your bunny. Draw symbols or something that reminds you of Easter all around the plate. After you’ve decorated your bunny, you’re all done.

Hope you enjoyed making this, Follow us for more DIY crafts, recipes and more.


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