DIY Hand Wreath

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Have you ever made a wreath before? If you haven’t, they are really fun and simple to make. They are even a great craft for kids to make. These wreaths are great gifts or decorations for the holiday season, so grab the kids and let’s get started on making your own!




-2 different shades of green paper (about 2 sheets of each)



-Ribbon (about 30 cm)

-Extra decoration (gems, markers, pom-poms etc.)

-White piece of paper

-Paper plate


Step 1:

First start by cutting a circle out of the white piece of paper, and glue it on the middle of your paper plate.


Step 2:

Continue by tracing your kid’s hands onto your green pieces of paper. You should have 4 or more of each colour of green traced. You’re then going to cut out your hands you traced.


Step 3:

Then after your kid’s hands are all cutout, you’re going to take the bottom edges of the hands and curve them, like a semi-circle.


Step 4:

Next you’re going to glue all the hands on the sides of your paper plate. Creating a circle of white in the middle of the plate.


Step 5:

Lastly, you can decorate your wreath with anything you want!

I hope you and your kids enjoyed making a wreath together. Feel free to decorate with anything you want. I used gems and a bow! You can add a ribbon to the top of your wreath to hang it up, or you can leave it to put up on your wall. Happy crafting!

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