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DIY Sand Art

How do you like to spend your time at home? Do you prefer going outdoors or finding something to do inside? While I have a fun craft that you can do if you want something easy and fun for you and the kids. Keep reading and we can get started!



-Chalk, (red and green)

-Some sort of powder or crystal. (baking soda, baking powder, sand or salt will work)

-Paper, or something to do the craft on

-Jar or bottle, with a lid would be best so it doesn’t spill

-Any decorations to decorate your jar with (ribbon, stickers, etc.)



Step 1:

First start by, pouring your powder or crystal substance onto your paper. Do small amounts each time, to prevent a mess. I used baking powder to do mine. Take your chalk and colour the powder on the paper. The white powder should start to turn the colour of your chalk. In my case, it starts to turn red.



Step 2:

Next you can take your powder and colour it different colours. I choose to do red, green and leave some white. Pour it into the jar in any pattern you choose.

Step 3:

Lastly, you can choose to decorate your jar any way you want. I put a bow around my jar, or you can choose to leave it blank too. After that you’re all done!

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