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DIY Snowman Clothespin Craft

kid touching noses with snowman

It’s cold out! Why not stay warm inside and get crafty! Let’s build a snowman, but not the kind where you have to layer the kids in their winter clothes to stay warm from the blowing snow.  Try this DIY snowman clothespin craft, you will find that older kids will be able to do this on their own, let their imagination take them away! A little extra help will be needed, to help the younger ones! You can use things found in your home to make this craft easy and affordable.

-White paint
-Paint brush
-Black marker, or black paint could work
-A pom-pom
-Piece of yarn or string
-Paper towel or something to prevent paint from getting everywhere

Step 1:
Start off by painting the clothespin white, you can use your paper towel underneath to prevent a mess. Let your clothespin dry for about an hour, or until it’s fully dry.

Step 2:
Once your clothespin is dry, use your black paint or marker to put on eyes and a mouth onto the front.

Step 3:
Next, glue on an orange pom-pom or an alternative as the snowman’s nose.

Step 4:
Lastly, grab your yarn and tie it onto the clothespin as the snowman’s scarf. You’re all done, you made your very own snowman clothespin!
I hope you enjoyed crafting your very own snowman. You can keep your snowman or give it away and make someone smile. Happy crafting!

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