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DIY Unicorn Storage Box

Did you know that National Unicorn Day is on April 9th? What are you going to do to celebrate? Well, what’s more fun than crafting on National Unicorn Day? Even better – you can make a unicorn themed craft! Today we are going to be making a unicorn storage box. This is such an adorable, fun and easy craft to make. There are simple steps to follow that the kids can help with. We used an old cracker box as the body of our unicorn. Feel free to use any container or box that you have handy. So grab the kids and let’s get crafting!

Here is what you will need:

-Empty box/container
-Colorful paper

First, start by covering your box with paper -your choice of colour. Glue down paper until the full box is covered.

Next, cut a hole on top in the middle of your box. Cut it the size you would like – the bigger you cut it the more items you can store in it.

Next, place a cone on top of the box to be the horn of the unicorn. To make a cone, you first need paper cut in the shape of a circle. Next you’re going to cut ¾ of the circle out then wrap the circle around to create a cone shape, and seal it with glue.

Next, make ears out of white and pink paper. After that, glue them onto the box, on both sides of the horn.

Lastly, you get to decorate your box! You can add more paper, drawings, eyes and more to your unicorn.

Now you are left with a decorated multi purpose box that looks like a unicorn. What are you going to use your box for? We hope you enjoyed making this. Follow us for more DIY crafts, recipes and more.

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