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DIY Yarn Christmas Tree

How many Christmas trees do you have in your house during the holiday season? Are they fake trees? Or do you prefer getting a real tree? There are lots of different kinds of Christmas trees and everyone has a different preference. Have you ever made your own Christmas tree? If you keep reading you can learn how you and your kids can make a tree out of items found at home!


-Paper plate


-Green yarn

-Pom Pom’s



-Yellow, and brown construction paper

Step 1:

First cut out a triangle in the middle of your paper plate.

Step 2:

Next, poke holes around the triangle. Take your yarn and pull it through the top holes on the triangle.

Step 3:

Then take your yarn and pull it in and out through all the holes. Do this until you can’t see through the triangle.

Step 4:

Lastly, add decorations to your Christmas tree. You can use yellow construction paper as the star, brown paper as the tree trunk and pom-poms as ornaments.

I hope you and your kids had fun making and decorating your own Christmas tree! Feel free to add more to your tree. You could use glitter to add sparkle to your tree. You can use this as a decoration piece around your house or give it to someone else. Happy crafting!

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