Fall Time Colouring

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Fall Time ColouringFall has got to be one of my favourite seasons. I absolutely LOVE going for walks on trails that go through the forest. It always amazes me when I can look around and see all the amazing colours that just pop out at you, especially against a beautiful blue fall sky. But I also love decorating for the fall season – all the warm colours that I have to pick from, the oranges, reds and yellows are all just so amazingly comforting. 

Let’s be honest here, fall is a time where it begins to get cold. Frost is beginning to appear on my car windows in the morning occasionally, my vests and sweaters have made it out of the depths of my closet and are being worn more frequently, and I’m beginning to try to find warmer clothes for the toddler who absolutely loves being outside … Anyways, when the cold begins to come I feel like if I decorate with warm colours around me, it is warmer than it actually is. 

One of the main elements of art is that of colour. When you take a closer look at the colour wheel you will notice that some colours are classified as warm colours (red, orange, yellow), while others are classified as cool colours (blue, green, purple). Have you ever coloured a picture using only warm colours and then coloured the same picture using only cool colours? It truly is an amazing difference – give it a try with the attached picture. Choose one and print 2 copies. Use only warm colours for one and only cool colours for the other – lay them next to each other and see the difference that it makes. 

When decorating your home, room, (or even classroom), sometimes it is helpful to have decorations that align with the colour theory and elements of design. When it comes to decorating in the fall, pumpkins and gourds are easily some of my favourite things to decorate with. As it so happens, they are also quite easily available this time of year. Have you visited your local pumpkin patch? Choosing the perfect pumpkin was always a highlight for me growing up (and even today as I search for the perfect one for my front porch). This weekend find your perfect pumpkin! Grab some gourds, pinecones or leaves (preferably clean ones) and decorate your kitchen/dining room table, your living room, bedroom or another space that could use a touch of warmth during this cooler season.

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