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Can I select the start date of my subscription?

Yes, you can now sign up for a subscription and select from three start date options. After you have selected your subscription and plan type. You can then select your start date from the drop down menu. If you are placing your order between the 1st and 8th of the month you will be able to select from the current month and the following 2 consecutive months. If you are placing your order after the 8th of the month, your options will be the proceeding next 3 months.

If you have already placed your order and require a future subscription start date, you can update it by:

  1. Placing your subscription on hold through your “My account” page, this will stop all deliveries. Once you wish to resume your subscription, follow up your account to remove the hold and begin shipping your monthly boxes.

If you require a future start date that is not listed in the drop down menu or it is not solved by the hold feature, please reach out to our customer service team Here, they will be happy to help.

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