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Frankenstein Treats!

How fun are these Frankenstein Treats that we made with our best friends last week?! The kids LOVED making them and us moms loved them making them as they were easy, relatively mess free AND they were super cute and the kids were so proud!! 


Here’s what yo will need:

  • Rice Krispies

  • Green Food colouring

  • Chocolate chips

  • Black or brown gel icing

  • Brown sprinkles

  • Candy Eyes

  • Mini Peanut Butter Cups


Make the Rice Krispie squares as per directions on the box. Be sure to add the green food colouring to the butter while it’s hot so you can mix it in and turn them green. 

Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave and stir it up. 

Cut the Rice Krispies into rectangles as per desired sizes for each Frankenstein. Then dip the Rice Krispie square only a third into the chocolate for his hair. 


Next add sprinkles to the hair. Then dip a spoon into the chocolate so that the child can dip the eye into the chocolate to use as “glue” to stick it onto the Frankenstein. 


Then stick on peanut butter cup using chocolate again. Using the gel, paint on his mouth. 

These are the ones our kids did! 


Last chance to get your Halloween Single Box sent to a ghost or goblin in your life!! 


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