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I’m Living History, helping Kids journal through COVID19

“When I was your age, I had to walk to school uphill both ways, wearing my father’s pyjamas …” 

We’ve all heard some sort of story like that. Our parents say it to us when we complain of our “hardships” and we tell our children when they complain. Except now, things have changed. Our children will be telling their children about the time when the world virtually shut down. When schools closed, sports (even the Olympics) were cancelled and people were told to stay home and stay away from anyone they didn’t live with. And this is happening on a GLOBAL scale. 
You and your children are a part of living history – something that will be told about and maybe even taught about in the future. 

Over the last month or so, our lives have changed drastically. We have been asked to distance ourselves from our friends and loved ones, parents may have been laid off or are working from home, day trips to the beach, park or zoo have been canceled. It’s natural that we are experiencing a great deal of emotions – a great deal of grief. To be honest, one of the best ways to help your child understand what is happening, to deal with the many emotions they are feeling and to record a piece of history in their own words is for them to journal. There are many ways that this journal can take place – handwritten, typed, photographs, drawings, video diary or newspaper collages. Really, whatever form your child is most comfortable in. As a parent, get involved by allowing your child to interview you and hearing you be honest with them. 

The document that I have created is to help you get started. Print off the pages that you want to use, print off multiple copies of some if you choose. Each day, try to tackle one new thing or find one new fact (both positive and scary) to include. When this is all over, and it will end, save this somewhere safe. This is something that your child will share with their children and grandchildren one day. This is their own primary source document, a tangible part of history.

Click below to download and print off the FREE Covid19 Journal Template

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