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Create Your Own Dad Superhero Comic

My Superhero, My Dad
Author Unknown
My dad and I have special powers
I bet you didn’t know
And when we are together 
Our super powers grow. 
I have the gift of flight
To soar and leap and bound. 
I can hover in the sky 
And never touch the ground. 
I am growing stronger too
With each passing hour. 
I can even save the day
With my super power. 
Dad’s arms help me reach 
The things I cannot touch. 
His love and guidance carry me
I look up to him so much. 
And even when I’m all grown up
I know that I’ll be glad
That I had my own superhero
My best friend, my dad. 


Father’s Day is quickly approaching! A day where we celebrate the dads, uncles, grandfathers and father-like figures that we have in our lives. These men can make significant impacts on a child’s life. As a teacher, every Monday morning I hear at least a handful of stories about what my students did with their dads or parents during the weekend. They truly treasure these times!

Daddy and me bonding time is such a great time, and make up some of my most favourite memories growing up. My dad and I would spend hours on the lake fishing, I would work on the jobsite with him during the summers and we would drive to the campground together to meet up with my mom and sisters. To be honest, my dad was always one of my biggest heroes. 

As I thought about that, I don’t think that there are many father-figures that realize that they are the heroes in these little peoples lives. So I began thinking, what can we do this weekend to change that idea? There’s the traditional footprint art work, the poem that says “dad is stronger than the Hulk”, etc. Something that I have not seen done often however, is the creation of developing a story that shows “The Adventures of Super Dad”. So here is a comic strip template. Use it to write your own comic strip that displays your dad, uncle, grandfather, or whom ever you would like to honour during this day as the hero who faces a challenge and saves the day. What super powers would he have? What does his superhero costume look like? Are there evil forces that he needs to battle? Write an adventure story for your dad – and don’t forget the happy ending!

 Stuck for ideas? Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • On the opening day of a business, nothing goes right … 
  • An inventor builds a robot but the robot goes crazy … 
  • A big sporting event is coming up but the star player has been injured (or disappeared)
  • There’s a monster living under someone’s bed …

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