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Our Top Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Well, it’s official. School is now back in session, in one form or another. How have your first couple of days been? I know I love the fact that I get to see my students again, and the sparkle in their eyes that lets me know that they are smiling (even when you can’t always see their smiles). I anticipate you and your child(ren) have had to adjust to some very new ways of “doing” school – some maybe that you appreciate, and others … well … we are all in this together right? This year I am doing things very differently in my classroom – things that I never really thought about or would have imagined doing before all this began. 

One thing that I know hasn’t changed is the need for students to eat healthy lunches. Not only do they help replenish the needed energy for students, but good food helps to keep brains learning. Healthy food helps you learn, play and grow is what I always tell my students, especially during my nutrition unit. So this week I thought I would focus on some ideas to help build healthy lunches. The great thing about most of these ideas? They don’t need to be heated up and they can be prepared by your child (they may need an ice pack though). I’ve categorized the different ideas so that you can always mix and match or substitute.

Please remember to check for any food restrictions that your school may have in place (for instance, we are an entirely NUT free school). Also, at times, some schools may not allow peanut butter replacements because it is too difficult for teachers to tell the difference. 

Sandwich Replacement Ideas

Fruits and Vegetables

(maybe add a dip)

Fun Snacks

Pita bread with hummus dip

Turkey and cheese roll ups

Crackers with cheese and meat slices

Egg salad on a lettuce bed

Peanut butter and banana roll-ups

Hard boiled eggs

Pasta salad

Garden salad

Rotisserie chicken with BBQ sauce

Turkey and cream cheese roll ups

Cream cheese and jelly sandwich fries 

Ham cheese and spinach roll-ups 

Tortilla chips and salsa

Cherry tomatoes









Celery with cream cheese

Mini bell peppers

Apple slices


Watermelon sticks

Clementines or oranges

Dark chocolate chips

Mini muffins

Dark chocolate covered raisins


Graham crackers

Mini oatmeal cookies

String cheese

Mini cheese wheels


Apple or banana chips


Vegetable crisps

Trail mix


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