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    Gift Certificate with a Craft Box

    USD $48.59USD $736.16
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    USD $18.75USD $112.50
  • Gift Certificate

    USD $25.00USD $655.20

Adult Crafters

Adult craft boxes that you and your friends can enjoy.  Shop our single or monthly subscription boxes perfect for any occasion!

Add Ons

Purchase any of these products with a box and receive FREE Shipping.  You can select as many add-ons you want, they will never cost you shipping if shipped with any box order. 

Purchase without a box, flat rate shipping will apply.

  • Sale!
    Age Specific Book Addon- Curiosity-Box-Craft-and-Educational-Boxes-Kids-Monthly-Subscription-Box

    Age Specific Book Addon

  • Sale!
    Curiosity Box Little Crafters Tshirt- Curiosity-Box-Craft-and-Educational-Boxes-Kids-Monthly-Subscription-Box

    Curiosity Box Little Crafters Tshirt

  • Sale!
    Birthday Surprise Pack Addon- Curiosity-Box-Craft-and-Educational-Boxes-Kids-Monthly-Subscription-Box

    Birthday Surprise Pack Addon

    USD $3.74
  • Sale!
    Extra DIY Craft Kit Add-on- Curiosity-Box-Craft-and-Educational-Boxes-Kids-Monthly-Subscription-Box

    Extra DIY Craft Kit Add-on

  • Sale!
    Craft Activity Pack Add-on- Curiosity-Box-Craft-and-Educational-Boxes-Kids-Monthly-Subscription-Box

    Craft Activity Pack Add-on

  • Original Silly Putty- Curiosity-Box-Craft-and-Educational-Boxes-Kids-Monthly-Subscription-Box

    Original Silly Putty

    USD $1.49
  • 40 ct Twistable Crayon/Clrd Pencil Combo- Curiosity-Box-Craft-and-Educational-Boxes-Kids-Monthly-Subscription-Box

    40 ct Twistable Crayon/Clrd Pencil Combo

    USD $9.74
  • Silly scents Mini Art Case- Curiosity-Box-Craft-and-Educational-Boxes-Kids-Monthly-Subscription-Box

    Silly scents Mini Art Case

    USD $18.74
  • Inspiration Art Case- Curiosity-Box-Craft-and-Educational-Boxes-Kids-Monthly-Subscription-Box

    Inspiration Art Case

    USD $22.49
  • Crayola Googly Pets Colouring Pad- Curiosity-Box-Craft-and-Educational-Boxes-Kids-Monthly-Subscription-Box

    Crayola Googly Pets Colouring Pad

  • Funny Faces Colouring & Sticker Book Animals/People- Curiosity-Box-Craft-and-Educational-Boxes-Kids-Monthly-Subscription-Box

    Funny Faces Colouring & Sticker Book Animals/People

    USD $2.99
  • 16 Pip-Squeaks Broad Line Washable Markers- Curiosity-Box-Craft-and-Educational-Boxes-Kids-Monthly-Subscription-Box

    16 Pip-Squeaks Broad Line Washable Markers

    USD $4.64

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