Bubble Trouble Craft Box for Ages 8+

A very colourful and fun box, included is a template for crafters to create their very own comic strip. After all only the best gum includes comics, right?

All kids love Bubble Gum and now you can craft and get creative with this fun filled bubble gum box (no bubble gum included, only crafty fun!)


3 Craft Kits: Sticker Mosaic bubble gum machine, DIY wooden peg game to decorate, and play, and a pony bead bubble gum machine key chain. 

Activities:  Pencil crayons and a comic strip ready for you to finish the story and add images. What would bubble gum be without a comic strip?!

Lots of Extras: Would you Rather notebook, paint to decorate your wooden game, stacking pencil crayons, punch ball to play with while blowing bubbles. As always and instruction brochure and a personalized note if you wish.

***No Bubble Gum included in the box. Inside your box you will find everything you need from materials, to instructions as well as other activity ideas and fun facts!  

Do you have a second and/or third child that would also love this kit? Choose a sibling add-on for $20 each and receive a FULL additional craft kit. Must ship to same address and within the same box.

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