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Well, it’s official! SPRING IS HERE!! I am super excited and am so thankful! (Yes, I am aware that we’ll probably have another blast of winter here where I live because it doesn’t like to go away.) But the nice weather has finally come and it’s time to get outside! We’ve been cooped up in our homes for far too long due to cold, illness, etc. Whatever the reason was, it’s time to go and get outside. 


This weekend, I challenge you and your family to explore some trails that are in your area, or head for a walk to your local library (or a location within walking distance). Yes, I am aware that they are probably muddy or snow covered still, but it’s worth just getting out for an hour or two to have a family hike through the forest trails, or even downtown. 


I know that sometimes kids can need a little encouragement to keep going so here are some ideas, as well as a printable scavenger hunt, for you to try:

  • Get your hands on a map of your city (some cities will have kid friendly versions available) and have them think about where they would like to go – let them plan the family walk. 
  • Grab a clipboard, a pen or pencil and this scavenger hunt and have your child complete it as you walk. More than one child? See who can honestly complete it first. 
  • Allow them to take pictures as they go. Print the pictures later and have them make a poster or booklet of all the things they saw and what was their favourite sights and why. 
  • Collect treasures from nature that they can use to create a piece of art afterwards. 
  • Bring a magnifying glass and get an up close look at the bugs, tree bark and many other things that you see as you travel. 
  • Collect to dissect. Have you ever wondered what was inside a pinecone or a flower? Collect some things as you go and take them apart when you get home. What new things did you see or learn? 
  • Make it a challenge – and obstacle course. Jump over the cracks, run between the trees and race to touch an object. 
  • Practice reading the signs around you and figuring out what they mean or why they are there. 


Really, the most important part is to get out and enjoy some time as a family!

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