The Case of the Missing Sock Challenge

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There are so many times where I go to fold the clean laundry and there is a sock that doesn’t have it’s buddy. Has this happened to you? I like to think of it as a mystery novella, “The Case of the Missing Sock”. In fact, I know that this happens to a lot of people because there is a day specifically devoted to lost socks. No matter how much you search the dryer, your yard, or even your entire house those missing socks are nowhere to be found. 

May 9th was “National Lost Sock Memorial Day”. A day set aside to remember and say good-bye to all of the single socks, the ones that have had their buddy go into the great unknown. 

Your STEAM challenge for this week: 

Find a creative way to repurpose those old mismatched socks that are laying around your home. You may only use items that you already have in your home, but there is no limit to what you use this week. 

While this is not really supposed to happen, here are a few ideas for you to help get your mind thinking: 

  • Make a puppet using leftover buttons and other things you find around the house. Give it a name and have a puppet show for your family. 
  • Make yourself a stuffed animal. There are lots of great no-sew ideas online for kids to make on their own! 
  • Turn your socks into clothes for your doll. Cut them in various ways to make a whole new outfit. 
  • Make yourself an iPod holder for on your arm so that you can listen to your music while you play or ride your bike. 
  • Make your dog a toy made just for them. 

Sometimes things just don’t always work out the way we want – failure is a good thing though. If you’re not having any success, or want to continue on with the lost sock idea, write a short story about where you think they went and what happened to them. Do they jump out of the dryer and decide to go on their own adventure? Do they fall through the dryer holes into a brand new land made entirely out of … well, what do you think it could be made of? Download the attached printable, print off the pages (they are set to be printed double-sided flipping on the short edge), fold it into a book and write an engaging story. Remember, it’s all about the details! 

Just a note for when you are printing, pay attention. There are some pages with the page numbers on it, and other pages don’t have the page numbers. When you are printing, think about how long you think your story will be, do you need more than 5 pages?

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